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maltose n : a white crystalline sugar formed during the digestion of starches [syn: malt sugar]

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  1. A disaccharide, C12H22O11 formed from the digestion of starch by amylase; is converted to glucose by maltase.


the disaccharide C12H22O11



  1. maltose


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Maltose, or malt sugar, is a disaccharide formed from two units of glucose joined with an α(1→4) linkage. It is the second member of an important biochemical series of glucose chains. The addition of another glucose unit yields maltotriose; further additions will produce dextrins (also called maltodextrins) and eventually starch.
Maltose can be broken down into two glucose molecules by hydrolysis. In living organisms, the enzyme maltase can achieve this very rapidly. In the laboratory, heating with a strong acid for several minutes will produce the same result.
The production of maltose from germinating cereals, such as barley, is an important part of the brewing process. When barley is malted, it is brought into a condition in which the concentration of maltose-producing amylases has been maximized. Mashing is the process by which these amylases convert the cereal's starches into maltose. Metabolism of maltose by yeast during fermentation then leads to the production of ethanol and carbon dioxide.

Maltose as food

In Southern China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, maltose is an element in confectionery. The most common way for them to consume is to put a layer of maltose inside two pieces of biscuits (usually cracker).


Plain maltose has a sweet taste, about half as sweet as glucose and about one-fifth as sweet as fructose.


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